The Truth Interesting Behind Raw Virgin Hhair Vendor You Must Know

16-11-2022, 10:00 am

 The hair market is growing, and the demand for raw virgin hair is increasing rapidly. How can you discover the best raw virgin hair vendor? This post will assist you in choosing the best raw virgin hair vendors and uncovering their trade secrets.




The truth interesting behind raw virgin hair vendor 


  • Definition of a raw virgin hair vendor

Raw virgin hair vendor is a person or business who offers raw virgin hair, which is hair from a single donor who has only used natural treatment, and is the finest quality, healthiest, and most real hair.

  • Discover facts about a raw virgin hair vendor

 The hair industry is developing and increasing, especially for raw virgin hair vendors wholesale, you must also know some mysterious facts. Let's find out below:

  • Due to the rarity of raw virgin hair, only a small number of raw virgin hair vendors. Raw virgin hair is natural hair from only 1 person, yet it isn’t easy to create a complete set of hair extensions or wigs from one donor's hair. To create full wigs, a raw virgin hair vendor typically requires hair from two to three donors, therefore the vast majority of raw virgin hair on the market today is Remy hair with high quality. 



                                                                All information about a raw virgin hair vendor


  • There are only a few raw virgin hair vendors, most of which are commercial enterprises, therefore they cannot be certain of the origin of  hair; it may be Remy, but it is still labeled as virgin raw hair. While raw virgin hair is described as completely natural hair, raw virgin hair vendor may nevertheless take methods to make hair products more uniform and appealing.
  • In addition, numerous commercial intermediaries frequently assert that they are raw virgin hair vendors. These commercial intermediaries do not make their own goods, but rather import them from hair factories and resell them. So, the sale price is higher, and quality products will not be as consistent as with hair products from raw virgin hair vendor. 
  • The sale of Peruvian, Brazilian, and other virgin hair items is strictly for marketing. Brazilians and Peruvians do not provide their hair. Therefore, a merchant of raw virgin hair who claims to provide Brazilian or Peruvian raw hair is lying.
  • Due to lack of domestic supply, raw virgin hair vendor not only source their own raw materials, but also import raw materials from many countries in the world and make their hair products.


  • The price of products from raw virgin hair vendor

Because of its superior quality and rarity, virgin hair is incredibly costly. The price of an 8 inches bundle of unprocessed virgin hair ranges from approximately 18 USD to vary based on the parameters listed below

Virgin raw hair vendor in Vietnam will have prices different from virgin raw hair vendor from India or China. That is, the hair pricing of companies located in raw material region will be lower than those of hair providers who must import. 

Also, good virgin hair that hasn't been processed can only be found in Southeast Asian countries right now, so the price is higher.

Grade: Grade is considered a crucial element in deciding the cost of raw virgin hair vendor. Various grades exist based on every country.

Specifically, there are three primary grades of Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendors wholesale: super double, double drawn, single drawn. Otherwise, Chinese raw virgin hair wholesale vendors are classified from 6A to 10A…

Because of its uniformity and quality, most people prefer a super double. Although it isn’t inexpensive, customers will find that it is well worth it.



The price of products from a raw virgin hair vendor


Length of raw virgin hair: The longer the hair, the more you will be charged. Due to the rarity of raw virgin hair, the length also is limited; most raw virgin hair vendors only offer lengths up to roughly 28 inches. Some raw virgin hair wholesale vendors in Southeast Asian countries can only offer hair about 40 inches in length in specific regions.

The standing of raw virgin hair vendor: The vendor's reputation also influences the pricing of their hair. It is typical for established, well-known hair suppliers to charge more than less experience or new providers.


  • How to find the best trustworthy raw virgin hair vendor


Follow the guidelines below to find the trustworthy raw virgin hair vendor to work with as a partner:  

Through Internet:

Using a search tool such as Bing, Google and Baidu you can rapidly identify a reputable raw virgin hair vendor on the Internet. With the exception of advertisers, the top few raw virgin hair vendors wholesale that appear on google have positive reputations. Notable and trustworthy vendors will not require advertisements. You can also search for raw hair factory reviews on social media to know more about them.



How to find the best reliable raw virgin hair vendor on E-commerce sites


E-commerce sites: You may locate the best raw virgin hair vendor on Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress and Etsy, and other platforms. Frequently, these raw virgin hair wholesale vendors offer buyer protection policies. However, these networks are only relevant if you are searching for Chinese raw virgin hair vendors, as the majority of them are Chinese. As indicated previously, Chinese hair vendors usually do not have virgin hair; they import hair from many countries. You should only use these platforms if you live in China and are purchasing from a Chinese raw virgin hair vendor. 

Via social media, you can pay careful attention to feedback from actual clients, as these customers can propose suitable suppliers. 

Your colleagues, friends and other relationships can refer you to the best raw virgin hair vendors. The highly rated raw virgin hair vendor from these guys exemplifies its excellent reputation.

 1. Some suggestions for the most trustworthy raw virgin hair vendor

 Here is a listing of raw virgin hair wholesale vendors known for producing high-quality goods at competitive pricing: 

5.1. Vin hair vendor - The most famous Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendor

Vin hair vendor is one of the top raw vietnamese hair vendors, they have a manufacturer in Bac Ninh City, Vietnam, so the hair product quality is excellent and the most affordable on the market.

  • Product line: clip-in, tape-in, tip hair, hair weft, hair bundles and the product ranges of the Vin hair merchant are incredibly diversified. Weft hairs are especially famous at this raw virgin hair vendor for their excellent quality. Their products are about 36 inches in length. 
  • Origin: The products from Vin hair vendor are 100% sourced from Vietnamese women who live in the northern mountains with the most natural hair care.
  • Quality: Skilled technicians meticulously care for each strand of hair to ensure the best strong, shiny, durable and lasting up to 1 year




The most famous Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendor


This raw virgin hair vendor has manufacturing facility, allowing it to provide the most reasonable pricing on the hair market today. When purchasing from this hair supplier, customers will feel as though you are getting a great deal.

Very few raw virgin hair vendors wholesale in Vietnam have manufacturer, but Vin is one of them. If you shop at Vin hair vendor, you can rest assured that you're getting a product that's worth your money.. Cooperating with a Vin hair seller is an intelligent move for your hair business.


5.2. Adorable Hair - The most famous Indian raw virgin hair vendor

Hair-lovers around the world say that Adorable Hair is one of the best raw virgin hair vendors wholesale and most renowned Indian hair distributors.

Products: closure & frontal, clip in, tip in, wigs,...

Price: $125.00 – $200.00/ 3 bundle Malaysian Straight 10-24 inches 

Policy: 7 days returning 

If you're seeking the raw virgin hair vendor, your best option is Adorable Hair due to the superior quality and inexpensive rates of their products.

5.3. Ted Hair - the most famous Chinese raw virgin hair vendor

Ted Hair is one of the earliest and most trustworthy raw virgin hair vendors. As a result of their contemporary facilities, Ted Hair provides service to the global hair industry with a vast array of products.

Products: tip in, tape ins,frontals and closures,wigs, …in various lengths, styles and color




Ted Hair - the most famous Chinese raw virgin hair vendor


Price: This hair vendor has reasonable prices. Start at 23.5$/ straight virgin Malaysia 1s Inches 

Policy: Requests for exchanges or refunds must be received within seven days of buying if you meet their standards.

Ted Hair is a raw virgin hair vendor in China, sending thousands of goods annually. Ted Hair is the perfect choice if you require a large quantity of products in a hurry.



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